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OmegaTech Blog does not provide medical diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice for the condition of any patient, but rather all the contents of the blog aim at an educational purpose in general, and to provide general information and culture about human health and care, so seek medical advice from your own doctor or health authority to provide the appropriate treatment based on careful examination and diagnosis and never neglect or indulge in any medical the advice provided to you by your doctor based on what you may have read on the site, whether the contents or research. For any inquiries about any ambiguity, please see your physician.
Those responsible for the Omegatech Blog do their best to provide the blog with accurate and concurrent information with recent scientific developments, but there is no guarantee that the blog will be free of typographical or linguistic errors. The Blog disclaims all liability for any damages that may result from these errors.
The visitor should not assume that the blog is free of errors or what contradicts some of the rapid medicine developments while emphasizing that the bloggers are doing their best to provide visitors with accurate and concurrent information with scientific developments, and we return and emphasize the need to consult your doctor in any health problem you face and It is not responsible for any personal decision that the user may make to the blog regarding his health condition.

Our Referrals:

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6. Cleveland Clinic

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8. HeartHub